Sunday, October 2, 2011

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Alright, I think this time I actually figured out how to give you a link.

Friday, September 23, 2011


people actually still read this?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

oh Silver City

Hey all,
Here's a few photos of our Colombian trip. Since then I rolled over to Anniston where I supported our sprinter, Dave Guttenplan on his way to 13th in the crit and 7th in the road race. Had some fun in my first ever NRC crit and even attacked with 3 to go. Now I'm hanging out in Silver City, NM getting ready for the Tour of the Gila. The race starts on Wednesday and is, as always, one of the biggest events in the US.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I wrote this for the website, not sure if it will go up, but I'll share it hear.

Chemstar presented by United Healthcare recently had three riders venture to Colombia for the team’s second international stage race of the season. Coulton Hartrich, Christian Parrett and Shane Braley journeyed to what they dubbed ‘the lost world of cycling,’ a place where bike racing is as big as it is anywhere in Europe. The crowds are huge, the passion surrounding the sport immense, and the climbers supremely quick.

Although Shane, Christian and Coulton are still building condition for the main part of the season, Chemstar p/b United Healthcare was able to bookend the race with nice performances. Christian Parrett cranked out 26th in the prologue and only seconds out of the jersey for best u23 rider. This was made extremely impressive since he was on a stock road bike with spoked wheels riding against competitors on full TT equipment. Parrett hopes to return with his full aero Specialized set up in May and get on the podium at the U23 Tour of Colombia.

The final day, both Christian and Coulton were able to make an elite front group of riders on the difficult circuit race in downtown Armenia that saw the Peleton torn to bits. Unfortunately a late-race crashed messed up plans for the sprint but it was still a nice performance.

In between the team suffered on the high mountain passes, unnaclimated to the altitude. However, they built fitness for the upcoming Tour of the Gila, and had an amazing experience seeing Colombia. The countryside around Armenia was beautiful and the people extremely friendly. The local press took to the gringos well, as did the spectators. The riders spent up to an hour after stages signing autographs and talking to the local children. For a team who prides itself on reaching out to the communities it races in, this trip was a huge success.

What you should get out of all that is Colombia is awesome. If you don't see me around it's probably because I moved there.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The other Europe?

So I've had the luck to travel all around the world to race my bike. I've pedaled in anger on the roads of numerous countries of Europe, spent two full days travelling to do a stage race in New Zealand, visited the French Department of America's hat for the Tour de L'abitibi, and of course hit up many of the States of this Union to pin the numbers on. Now, I've even had the chance to hit up South America. In Uruguay I found surprisingly European style racing, with TV coverage, huge crowds, talented riders, and excellent racing. It's not that surprising when you consider cycling is the 2nd largest sport in many South American Countries, on a continent where the might of Soccer will never be toppled.

Now Chemstar p/b United Healthcare has another chance to compete in South America. Myself, Coulton Hartrich, Shane Braley and possibly one or two other riders are heading to Colombia, where we'll trade the windswept plains of Uruguay for beautiful (and tough) mountains. Having heard stories of the racing in those parts I expect it be absolutely brutal, but another great adventure.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Sorry I'm a little late on a Uruguay post. The race was a great experience and a great way to start the season. Results weren't so hot due to some bad luck and lack of racing form but I had a realy great time. HEre's some pictures to make up for lack of details.

Monday, March 7, 2011

David Guttenplan

So since my roommate wrote about me in his blog ( I agreed to mention him in my next blog. Instead, I decided to one up him and make an entire blog post dedicated to The Gutt. Let's start with a list of things you should know about the Gutt.

-His nickname comes from the fact that he can eat a ridiculous amount of food, and gets quite gut for a little guy from doing it.
-He has some absolutely ridiculous chops (see photo below).

-David flatted yesterday but still hasn't changed it, and now he has 35 minutes to eat breakfast and be ready for the ride.
-He won't be ready for the ride, because despite being a nice guy, is generally frantic and running late a lot.
-He's happy because one of his coaching clients just won a race.
-He pretty much talks nonstop which is ok because most of what he says is pretty ridiculous.
-David was a world class juggler and yo-yoer in his elementary and middle school days.
-David hates time trials and climbing, but can win lots of bike races with his combination of sprint, sneakiness, and sweet chops.